School Fees for the K-8 program are set in March of each school year by the school’s governing board-The local economy, the constituency of our parent population, and the costs of operating the school are all some of the factors considered in setting of annual fees. Operating a private school without government grants or subsidies requires the support of our parents, church and the larger community.

ACS understands the sacrifice our parents are making financially and seeks to keep tuition and fees at a reasonable rate. Parents must also understand that our teachers are compensated at a rate far lower than those serving in the public sector and we must do everything in our power to compensate our staff in a fair and equitable manner.

The school ministry of ACS receives annual support from the Arcata First Baptist Church. Without this support the school could not remain a viable ministry to the community. We are blessed beyond words to have this support.

The operating budget of the school also requires annual fundraisers. This includes our annual Golf for Education (November) and Dinner Auction (April or May). Parents are expected to support these two major fundraisers. Scrip (called the “painless fundraiser”) is sold at the school and scrip sales play a major role in helping the school meet annual expenses. There is a requirement per family for the purchase of Scrip, with the option of paying a fee.

Fee Schedule 2017-18

Scrip Fee Explanation and eScrip 2017-18



Families who pay their 2017-18 ACS Registration Fee (per family) by August 5th qualify for a discount of $15.00 ($35.00).                   After August 5th fee will be $50.00.


You may also take advantage of a discount on your Student Annual Fee in the amount of $15 per enrolled student                             (discounted fee =$330) by making payment by August 5th. The primary purpose of this fee is the acquisition of                                        student curriculum and related teacher instructional materials. After August 5th, this fee jumps to $345 per child.


Families making tuition payment for entire year qualify for 3% tuition discount if paid in full by August 31st. This amounts to a $112.50 savings for a single child tuition (.03% x $3750=$112.50). This discount applies to all enrolled children.

Please sign, date and return the Financial Responsibility form with your Registration Fee and any other payment made by August 5th.

Send form and payments to: Arcata Christian School, 1700 Union Street, Arcata, CA 95521

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